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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, educate and empower women of all ages and nationalities to achieve success in their lives. We provide support, training, and coaching opportunities for women while utilizing their skills to become "Success Achievers". We believe that as we achieve our mission, we will change our communities and build strong family legacies.


A Place to Gather & Collaborate

In support of our mission, Holliday Empowerment is proud to be an organization that provide leadership training to help women thrive professionally and personally. Through social gatherings, team building events, workshops, podcasts and partnering with other organizations. 

Services We Offer:

Personal and Professional Coaching

We offer an Opportunity to Meet one-on-one with a coach to navigate challenges as you grow as an individual and leader. 

WE/Small Events

Pop-up Shops

She Brews

She Pours

Group Facilitated Workshops

We will provide monthly Workshops to Build cohesiveness in teams to address strategic challenges through processes that will develop objective thinking among peers.

HE Non-Profit

As a 501(c)3 organization, Holliday Empowerment is dedicated to making a positive impact in GA by empowering women.

Leadership & Strategic Planning

We will help each member in our community Identify their strategic opportunities and priorities by developing a plan that will be easily implemented to embrace your growth capacity.

Photo Studio

Perfect for onsite meetings for small gatherings, photo options for Image Enhancements, Book. Overs, Birthday Photos or for Your Favorite Girls Night Out.


Success Stories

Holliday Empowerment is an incredible support system for entrepreneurs and leaders in the community. The founder, Angela Holliday, is truly dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams. Her unwavering belief in the potential of every person she works with is truly inspiring. Thanks to her guidance and support, I feel confident and empowered to pursue my goals and make my dreams a reality.
Pastor LeAndrea Driver
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